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Let brotherly love continue. (Hebrews 13:1, KJV)

When it comes to the golf swing, balance is an indisputable necessity.

Argue if you wish about which grip to take and how strong to make it. Debate the issues of how vertical your swing should be, or whether it really matters that you are a little long or short of parallel at the top. Go round and round about whether it’s slow and low or grip it and rip it.

But don’t argue balance. If you can’t take your backswing and transfer your weight and keep good posture finishing your swing, you’re in trouble. One thing an unbalanced player simply cannot do is consistently put the best part of the clubface on the golf ball.

Some passages of Scripture leave us debating, too. The ambiguity of the original language or the depth of their core concept can make it hard for us to cleanly get to the single best meaning of the passage.

Hebrews 13:1 is not such a verse. Its presentation in the original Greek makes for indisputability when it comes time to translate it. The varied translators have produced the same translation: “Let brotherly love continue.”

Now when a passage is that clear, we had better shut our debating mouths and just get busy.

So we start with the opening word, “let.” This means to permit or allow. We should not hinder brotherly love. And for the Hebrews, this was no new practice. It is apparent that they were already up to the task of this love. So they just had to keep letting it happen.

Then “brotherly love.” This is the love of rich relationship. It goes beyond the simple love of friends and asks the question: What would I do for myself in this situation? And when the questioned has been answered, brotherly love makes this commitment: Then I will do the same for my rich friend, my brother or sister in Christ.

Finally, “continue.” This same love must go on, the writer of Hebrews was saying. The Hebrews had a good thing going. Now was not the time to turn off the motor and coast. Now was the time to purpose to go forward.

I could encourage you today, then, to love with this brotherly love. That is obvious. But let me take the cue here and also encourage you to identify the other Godward activities and traits that are happening in your life and your fellowship’s life. Then let these continue.

(This devotion originally ran on March 15, 2004. We are featuring several archived devotions as Links Daily Devotional editor Jeff Hopper travels with 40 Links Players in Israel this week.)

Jeff Hopper

December 5, 2011

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