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Confident Decisions, Part 1

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. (Philippians 4:6, NLT)

Over and over again you’ll hear golf commentators give high credit to confident swings of the golf club. Swings come in all shapes and paths—hence, Jim Furyk’s exhortation to recent McGladrey Classic winner Tommy Gainey to keep firing, no matter what the critics say. When it comes to golf, both men have accomplished far more by way of confidence than by beautiful swings.

Of course, confidence is a valuable asset all through life. And followers of Christ who walk confidently are likely to gain affirmation from the Lord and honor from others, who see their example and pursue the same course.

But what of the decisions believers must make, from those that seem inconsequential to the apparently monumental?

You may wrestle with the Lord over a decision to relocate for the sake of business. This is an obviously large decision with many consequences for your family beyond the work and its salary: education, friendships, extended family, church connections, and perhaps your spouse’s work scenario. So much to consider.

Moreover, the options may pass every scriptural test: both choices honor God, you are making the decision with deference to your spouse and family, there is opportunity to use your gifting and answer God’s call on your life in either place.

You’ve also submitted the matter to prayer, as our passage today challenges us to do. Perhaps you have asked God for the guidance of his voice. But you are still waiting for an absolute “this way” leading. Now the deadline for decision approaches and you remain undecided. What shall you do?

The decision doesn’t have to be this big to set you on edge. Far down the line from a decision to move is the question of which contractor to use when you remodel the bathroom in your new home on the other end—and yet that choice too can weigh you down.

Here’s where we must rely on two things. First, cling tightly to the initial instruction of today’s verse from Paul to the Philippians: “Don’t worry about anything.” We sweat a lot of earthly stuff for no good reason. Even the big decisions aren’t so big in the scheme of God’s grand plan. Virtually all of us are prone to worry. Don’t do it.

Second, we must simply trust the Lord. We must trust that his Word is reliable when it tells us not to worry. We must trust that he recognizes our well-intentioned fallibility, and that he will forgive our “bad” decisions in the same way he forgives our sins. Such perspective will carry us far in the process of not worrying.

It is good to seek the Lord in every decision, to call on him in prayer. But whether or not you receive a definitive answer, it is good too to rely on his instruction and his mercy, for then you can set aside your worry and make a confident decision.

Jeff Hopper

October 31, 2012

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