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The Everlasting King

His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed. (Daniel 7:15, NIV)

When Links Player Bart Bryant won the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open on the Champions Tour in August, it was the first win on the “senior circuit” for the former PGA Tour Championship winner. But at the same time, Bryant became that Tour’s 1,000th tournament champion.

When the Champions Tour started, not many people saw this coming. Would these older players find a welcoming, viable market? The early infusion of Arnold Palmer’s popularity and Lee Trevino’s personality showed that fans’ hearts weren’t ready to let these superstars go. The Tour would be around to stay.

But now, 1,000 winners and 33 years removed from its genesis, the Tour’s early stars have come and gone—“the way of all men,” we might say, invoking a haunting biblical expression. Palmer, Trevino, Casper, Nicklaus and Chi Chi Rodriguez play only recreationally now, when their aches and pains allow. Others—George Archer, Orville Moody, and recently Miller Barber—have passed from this life.

This is indeed the course of earthly living: a progression unto an end. Even for the highest ranking, the most successful, the eminently powerful. Those who reign here will not reign forever.

So it is remarkable to read Daniel’s words about the “son of man.”

Here was one recognizable in human form, unlike the others Daniel was seeing (angelic beings and the Ancient of Days, who was God himself). In this regard, Daniel may have assumed a similarity between this man and all other men he had observed. That is, he would not have been surprised had his vision given this man a timely end.

Instead, it was revealed to Daniel that this man—this human who came on the clouds, who approached the Ancient of Days and was led into his presence, who was given “authority, glory and sovereign power” over all peoples—would rule them not until his dethroning, nor until his death. No, this one, this Lord of all, would rule them all from the time he was seated on the throne until…

That’s it. There is no until. Jesus, the King at creation, will be the King for eternity. And with pleasure, we will be subject to him for all time. What an encouragement to us to go on with him!

Jeff Hopper

September 10, 2013

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