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Reminders of Truth

Buy truth and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction and understanding. (Proverbs 23:23, ESV)

After his win at Torrey Pines on Sunday afternoon, Links Player Scott Stallings talked about one of the positive influences that made a difference for him this week. It came from Tour caddie David Robinson, who works the bag for Blake Adams.

The guys were sitting around lunch and Robinson commented, “Man, you cannot release the putter too much, especially on these greens.” Stallings returned to that thought down the stretch Sunday, kept his putter releasing, rolled in several pivotal putts, and found himself holding the trophy in the end. Nice tip, David!

Of course, this was not the first time Stallings had ever heard talk of letting the putter release. It’s a common key thought under pressure. But to be reminded of this in such a timely fashion—that is what made the difference for Stallings in San Diego, as he picked up his third PGA Tour win.

Where do you find insight when you need it? If you’re in the middle of your life, it’s possible that you have all the truth you need to live on. The trick is to be reminded of it when it is sorely needed.

As one who seeks the Lord, you know that truth is found in the Word of God, in the Bible. What you find on those pages is true not just because it stands up against other moral or religious teachings. Rather, the pages of God’s Word are true because they are his revelation, his unveiling of himself. If you want to know God, you find out about him in Scripture, where he has told us about himself.

Knowing who God is provides a powerful first step in knowing what God would have of us. When we see his character described, praised, and enacted, we recognize those very traits as callings on our own lives. So we live graciously, compassionately, mercifully, lovingly, and with forgiveness. We favor those who are humble, lifting them up as God does us when we humble ourselves before him.

But when we turn to Scripture, we also find the direct instruction of God. We are reminded to care for the poor and sick, to love our spouses with deference and sacrifice, to raise our children (and grandchildren) in the nurture and admonition of our Lord, to use our gifts to bless the body of Christ, to honor our leaders in the church, to keep our bodies pure—so many ways to obey, and thus show our love to, God.

Turn to the pages of Scripture in a time of solitude today. Be reminded of things you already know but have let slip from your memory and your practice. Be recharged for excellence in the kingdom of God.

Jeff Hopper
January 28, 2014
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