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Above All

“Who among the gods is like you, O LORD? Who is like you—majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?” (Exodus 15:11, NIV)

Let the superlatives begin!

We’ve awakened this Monday to a major week, which means major coverage, major focus, and major verbiage.

Maybe “enough can’t be said” about Pinehurst’s readiness and redesign—but plenty can!

Maybe “enough can’t be said” about Payne Stewart’s legacy, Phil Mickelson’s dreams deferred, or Jordan Spieth’s precociousness—but plenty will be!

And just for good measure, cups overflowing, and all similar imagery, we’re doubling up this year. The men and women both will take on the No. 2 course and try to go home with America’s championship trophy. It’s a good thing journalists don’t write with manual typewriters anymore. There’d be a whole lot of finger crampin’ going on.

If I’ve said enough already, then I’ve got your attention. It doesn’t take long for most of us to tire (or sicken!) of overstatement and exaggeration. We’ve all been known to cry foul when the accolades overreach reality. So we are wary when we are told that one player, one course, one tournament, one week ascends above the rest. And here we’re only talking golf. We’re similarly put off by too much love for anything—movies, restaurants, hotels, you name it.

But I hope your heart is not cynical in one arena. I hope you can sing with Moses and Miriam when they sing of God, “Who is like you? Whose holiness is majestic, whose glory is awesome, who works the wonders that you work, O LORD?” And the implication is undeniable: No one! No one is like our God!

For many years, when I was teaching writing in high school, I would encourage my students to make a list of the things most important to them in life. Most students had God on their top ten list. But interestingly, few of them had him as number one. They did not list God above all, at least not in their lives.

So it is one thing to say God is above all, and it is another to say he is above all in our lives. We’re cynical and slow, putting him to the test with every circumstance we face. Maybe it’s time to stop that and to really believe what is said of God in Scripture. Sing it! Even shout it if you would! Our God is King of kings and Lord of lords, unmatched but not unmet. For in Jesus, this God above all gods has made a way for us to come to him, a way for us to know him, a way for us to love him, a way for us to love at all. Let’s go ahead and express that love in every way we can.

Jeff Hopper
June 9, 2014
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