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‘He Was Born for This’

“Now is my soul troubled. And what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? But for this purpose I have come to this hour.” (John 12:27, ESV)

It’s a two-week golf-watching feast!

The men have completed their efforts at Pinehurst and now the table is set for the best women to take on the legendary No. 2 course. Rickie Fowler sported plus-fours; maybe one of the ladies will be cut off her rain jacket sleeves and chew gum in the final round, all in a tribute to Payne Stewart’s win in 1999.

Aside from the occasional quirk, we perceive that there is something inherently different, something special about the golf skills of the best players in the world. Their flowing swings marry efficiency, power and beauty. Their short game encompasses feel, exactness, and courage. Their putting combines concentration, analysis, and precision. Something more than just hard work has landed them there, for many grinding hopefuls fail to achieve this status each year. Perhaps, as a PGA Tour advertisement once said, “they were born for this.”

Your thoughts probably floated for an instant to thinking about your life, perhaps asking, “What was I born for?”

Let us press pause on this thought for a moment, and zoom out to the Lord Jesus first. What was he born for? The whole Bible is purposed to answer and explain this very question. It reveals the state of a broken humanity and its need of a Savior. The Old Testament looks forward to the coming Messiah, and the New Testament testifies to the Son of God fulfilling the prophecy, redeeming us. Scripture also gives us glimpses and assurance of Christ’s return and future reign, and the restoration of humanity. One story. One hero.

Jesus was born to redeem us, culminating with his death on the cross to ransom sinners and for the glory of God, to the praise of his grace. One hero with endless heroic dimensions came to free captives of a broken humanity. He said, “For this purpose I have come to this hour.” Sometimes this seems so simple that it can lose its meaning and potency in our minds. In that one gracious swing from his birth to the cross, Jesus was actually performing three offices (munus triplex). First, as a prophet, Jesus revealed to us the will of God for our salvation by his perfect word and Spirit, himself being the very Word of God. Second, as a priest, he offered himself up a perfect sacrifice once and for all to satisfy justice and reconcile us to God. Jesus our eternal priest makes continual intercession for us. Third, as King, his perfect rule subdues our sinful nature and defends us, and restrains and conquers all his and our enemies.

In Christ our mighty Redeemer, we find a love song, a cataclysmic self-sacrifice, and a king’s embrace.

You were born for such a hero. Does this excite you? Does this scare you? Do not fear; he will fashion a new swing within you, one which is freer and more magnificent than you could ever imagine. Already he loosens your fearful grip, he secures your guilty hips, he steadies your unstable feet. Is there any affection when you hear his song, when you think of his sacrifice, when you feel his embrace? Tarry there with him. He was born for you, and you were born for him.

Isabelle Beisiegel
June 17, 2014
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