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Our Needs

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19, NASB)

I recently went on a two-day golf trip with 12 other Links Players. I asked my friend Craig to lead a devotional for us the morning before we played. One of the reasons I love golf trips is the conversation around the table. It is exceptional when we talk, visit, and reflect upon important, eternal issues.

If God wants what is best for us, I would assume that he wants us to have all of him.Craig’s message was just what we needed. His focus was on our needs. He broke down these needs into two categories. Physically, we need air, food, and water. He called these our essential needs. We could not survive without each of these. We can survive without money and a job and even clothing, but without air, food, and water, we would perish in a short time. I told my wife the other day that I needed another cashmere sweater. Her response was, “Do you really need another cashmere sweater?” I thought I did before asking the question.

Then Craig drilled down to our important spiritual needs. He said, “We need God. We need fellowship and community with others. And we need to be involved in a cause greater than ourselves.” I had never thought a lot about that last need.

First, we need God. We need God. Where is God when we need him? Where is God in all the testimonies, the poor choices, the bombings, the ministry, and the misfits? He is in it all, right where he said he would be. Colossians 3:11 says, “Christ is all and in all” (NASB). And it is so very good when we recognize this truth that can transform our life. It does make sense that God created man with a passionate longing for him that can only be fulfilled by him. If God wants what is best for us, I would assume that he wants us to have all of him.

Next, we need fellowship and community with each other. The first “not good thing” in the Bible occurred in Genesis 2:18: Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” The Body of Christ is a team effort, and we need the gifts of others along the way, just as we help others. There are no lone rangers in the faith journey.

Last, we need to be involved in a cause greater than ourselves. There is so much to say here. Our greater cause should give meaning and purpose not only to us but also to others. My pastor preached words that illuminate this point just last week: “We have been adopted and are a part of a family with an incredible mission. We have a purpose greater than ourselves. We have a mission from God. He made us that way.” Our positive, Christ-filled response to this need can determine a fruitful, productive life.

Maybe it is time to start thinking differently about your true needs. When you recognize that the fulfillment of your real needs gives you God, God’s community to live in, and God’s work to do, you’re prepared to move from hearing to doing.

Randy Wolff
December 2, 2015
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