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Bedrock in Belief

The foundation that has already been laid is Jesus Christ, and no one can lay down any other foundation (1 Corinthians 3:11, NCV)

I am back in California this winter and working hard on my golf swing. I am always looking for something that will give me a consistent swing, and it seems like my teacher takes me back to the fundamentals every time I see him. Without a good foundation it is impossible to find consistency and success in golf. That is also true for our Christian walk.

All that we believe as Christians is rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ. Our belief in his life, death, and resurrection is the bedrock of our faith. Whenever we become inconsistent or uncertain of what we believe, it is best to go back to the one thing that we chose to believe in the beginning. It is easy to become confused about doctrine and variations of belief within denominations. None of these differences are as important as our one prevailing and foundational belief in the truth of Jesus Christ.

Every teaching we receive should be tested against the truth of Jesus’ claim to be the son of God. If Jesus is not the centerpiece of what is being taught, it is most likely not a foundation that your future should be built upon.

I remind myself when I am confused to remember what I hold to be true. I believe in God the Father who created me. I believe in Jesus Christ the Son who died for me and took my place on the cross. I believe that without his death and resurrection, the world and I in particular would not have any reason for hope. I believe in the Holy Spirit who lives in me and teaches me about real truth. I believe I will live forever in the presence of my Creator as a result of Jesus’ death and resurrection and atonement for my sin. I believe in the infinite justice, love, mercy, and grace that are all part of God’s unchanging character. I believe that God loves me so much that nothing can ever separate me from his love. I am safe and secure because He is in charge and nothing will come against me that can overcome his ability to work it out for my best good. I believe the moment of my death is but a door opening to the great eternal glory that my soul longs for every day.

That’s my foundation and I try to remind myself of it often. It is easy to get distracted by exciting teachers, troubling times, and difficult people who would make us believe that this unseen truth is somehow less true than the world we see around us. I’m staking my life on this foundation of Jesus Christ. I don’t believe I will be disappointed when I pass through that door of life into eternity.

Linda Ballard
December 3, 2015
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