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Lessons from the Wise

Does not wisdom call out? (Proverbs 8:1, NIV)

When a player new to the game, young or old, wants to get serious about their play, one of the best ways to do this is to pay attention to the habits of the tour professionals. Sure, each has a different way of swinging the club and a different demeanor under competitive conditions, but there are commonalities that can give a student of the game some great insights.

– How do good players go through their pre-shot routines?

– How do good players read a putt?

– How do good players move in and out of focus so they are concentrating well at the right time yet not getting bogged down with the grind of the game?

Like most endeavors, one’s golf can be improved by studying these nuances that contribute to excellence.

We can accomplish a similar outcome by turning to Proverbs and isolating this wisdom book’s observations of the wise. Many times over, we are told how the wise behave. Beginning in the 10th chapter, where the collection of Solomon’s one-line sayings begins, we can make notes of these traits and consider their employment in our own life. Look:

– The wise are a blessing to their parents. (Proverbs 10:1)

– The wise accept commands. (10:8)

– The wise hold their tongues. (10:19)

– The wise demonstrate humility. (11:2)

– The wise win souls. (11:30)

– The wise speak words of healing. (12:18)

This is only a sampling and only the beginning, but it gives you a sense of what you can do when you set to studying the Scriptures purposefully and intently. You begin to recognize God’s desire for your character. Yes, we are to be like Jesus, but that is not an amorphous likeness; the Bible offers us many details of what our Lord’s character is like. Lessons from the wise in the book of Proverbs help us set apart some of those details with great clarity.

Jeff Hopper
February 22, 2016
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