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Your Gift and Mine

To one there is given… to another… to still another… All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he gives them to each one, just as he determines. (1 Corinthians 12:7-11, NIV)

Someone is going to win the Masters this week. It won’t be me.

When it comes to building his body, weaving together the gifts of those in Christian fellowship, God does so with this in mind: everyone is needed.I could don the gear of Rickie Fowler, or seize the athletic physique of Dustin Johnson, or share confident conversation with my caddie like Phil and Bones. I could research every hole and remember every shot, just like defending champion Jordan Spieth. I might even go back in time and seize upon the youth of an aspiring amateur like Bryson DeChambeau. None of these adoptions would matter.

As much as I might like to imagine myself walking down the middle of Augusta National’s fairways and sinking all my putts on its glassy greens, it is not my gift. This becomes clearer to me with every over-par round I shoot.

What if I told you that the work I have been given to do has been given to me by the Holy Spirit? What if I told you that he has prepared and equipped me to do this very work? And what if I told you he has done the same for you?

I don’t mean this in the fatalistic sense of our all having been born into our station. God is not against our working hard to make financial gains, particularly when we are grateful for his provision and bless others through what he supplies to us. But when it comes to building his body, weaving together the gifts of those in Christian fellowship, he does so with this in mind: everyone is needed.

So let’s consider three understandings when it comes to the gifts given by the Holy Spirit.

First, the types of gifts are many: wisdom, faith, teaching, administering, dispensing mercy, giving generously, serving others, leading, speaking in bold truth (prophecy), and more. We may all possess a measure of several or all of these—indeed, we should aspire to do so, in the same way that I can enjoy golf and work to improve while yet recognizing I will never be among the world’s best.

Second, into the midst of this economy, the Spirit infuses each of us with a specific gift, which is outlined in the verses we’ve highlighted today: “to this one… to that one.” I have an extra measure of a particular gift and so do you.

Third, the dispensing of these gifts is done for balance in the body. Paul’s imagery makes jest of a body made up of all eyes or all ears, or only hands or only feet. There is a purposeful outlay in the economy of spiritual gifts that compels us each to take up our own gift, work hard at its development, and serve the brothers and sisters in our fellowship with its constant practice. Do this well, and you will enjoy not only the exercise of your own gift but encouraging others in the exercise of theirs.

Jeff Hopper
April 5, 2016
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