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Standing in Awe

LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O LORD. (Habakkuk 3:2, NIV)

As sports fans, we know what it means to stand in awe of an athlete’s deeds. Last week, moments after the Golden State Warriors advanced to the NBA Finals, the PGA Tour’s Roberto Castro tweeted this:

Castro tweet

This may be what I love most about Twitter, actually—seeing how athletes in one sport admire the excellent play of athletes in other sports. There is the crossover understanding of what it means to be the very best. So yes, to be simultaneously wowed by the on-court deeds of Steph Curry and the on-course deeds of Jordan Spieth makes perfect sense.

I wonder, though, where my awe for God is.

Oh, I find it when I stand along sections of the California coast, where the rugged cliffs fall to the Pacific, and the sound of the waves washes over every thought running through my cluttered head. And I find it walking in the woods, the light of the sun cutting through the trees, illuminating a zillion flecks of dust and landing in ribbons of brilliance across my path.

It’s easy too to see God’s wonder in the tiny fingers of a newborn, who inhales and exhales life with no idea what it even means to breathe. And when, in a matter of spring days, my barren cherry tree goes from branches to buds to fullness of green dotted with countless white flowers, I know the Lord is at work.

With backdrops like these, I stand before God, diminished in my person but swollen with praise.

And all that makes the words of Habakkuk more penetrating, for the short prophetic expression that is the Old Testament book of Habakkuk aches with complaint: “Where are you, God? I’m tired of your absence!” Habakkuk never bleeds skepticism but he’s definitely a cynic. He knows God exists, but the prophet is desperate for God to show himself.

When the Lord offers reply, it is not only in promise but in performance, and Habakkuk’s eyes, both physical and spiritual, open wide. God is not only there, but he is awesome. He’s no mere celebrity, famous for being famous. God’s fame has spread for a reason, and now Habakkuk knows what that reason is.

Oh, Lord, that our eyes would be opened like those of this ancient brother! Oh, that we would see you and marvel!

Jeff Hopper

June 8, 2016

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