Links Daily Devotional

Walk with the Wise

Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble. (Proverbs 13:20, NLT)

We have a Links Fellowship in our region that was started by a golf professional who teaches golf in his studio. What makes this Fellowship different is that most of the attendees are “golf professionals” or “professional golfers.” You might not know the difference. The golf professional has made his or her career teaching the game and normally works in a golf club. The professional golfer competes for a living on one of the many tours available to such players. What I love about this group is the collective wisdom about golf and life experiences.

When men and women at different stages of their walk come together in purposeful circles like Links Fellowships, there is so much to be gained.At church recently, our pastor spoke a few lines that stuck with me. He said, “People who sit in a row don’t know.” Then he added that if you intend to be faithful in friendship, you need to “join a circle.” Whittled down, when we sit next to people on either side of us, we really don’t get to know their hearts. But when we circle up, we can look directly into others’ eyes and see their hearts. Remember that “deeper conversation” Lewis Greer wrote of just yesterday? Well, here’s how you get it!

Most Links Fellowships meet in a circle, and in accordance with today’s passage from Proverbs, I have seen men and women walk with each other and become wise by getting to know each other in a closer way. We had a story told in our Fellowship about a man who was getting ready to leave his wife after many years of marriage, but because of the wise counsel and prayer he got from his group, he reconciled with his wife and they are back together!

In the Links Fellowship of professionals, it’s great to see the older golf professionals helping the younger ones with the mistakes they made. They give them wise counsel about their choices on the golf course, preparing for an event, or how to manage their emotions when in the heat of the competition. We should do the same with the younger men and women in our lives. I was told once we should find a Paul (more mature) in our lives and find Timothy (younger) also. My Paul in my life has given me so much wisdom to help me in my journey with Jesus. I also have had the privilege to mentor some Timothys, and the greatest reward is to see how they have become such mature and devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

When men and women at different stages of their walk come together in purposeful circles like Links Fellowships, there is so much to be gained. Pauls meet Timothys and wisdom is shared and increased. God loves it when the people he has gifted are willing to sit down together and use those gifts to help one another live lives pleasing to him.

Dereck Wong
September 14, 2016
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