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Links Players president Jeffrey Cranford talks with PGA professional Matt MacConnell about alignment as an aspect of the golf game and of faith.

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Golf & Life Fundamentals 1: Alignment

“When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built.” (Luke 6:48, NIV)

Like people in most concentrated endeavors, we golfers have a language all our own. Here’s a funny example. After a round, you might hear a friend describe his troubles this way: “I’m fightin’ the lefts.” At another point in the conversation, this might sound like a political statement, but in the fallen demeanor of a golfer who has just had a bad round, the meaning is clear: Despite their best efforts at aim, ball positioning, and swing adjustments, they just keep hitting it left.

Days of frustration plague every golfer, but those who seem to be struggling all the time are likely doing so because their fundamentals are out of whack. In truth, they may never have gotten those fundamentals right in the first place.

The foundational place to begin is in Scripture. Here is where we calibrate our spiritual alignment.Beginning with today’s devotion, we will spend the next several Fridays considering the relationship between some of golf’s key fundamentals and similar solid bases in our discipleship with Christ. Today, we address alignment. It is poor alignment, you might note, that can lead to the lefts, the rights, and some pretty nasty shot shapes in either direction. For a golfer, alignment is the set position before firing; get this wrong, and you are like a marksman aimed off target and still hoping to hit the bull’s eye. Fat chance.

In life, there are those who do not start with the words of God who are still hoping to get to God. They know what to call him, but they have no idea what he is calling them to do. The foundational place to begin is in Scripture. Here is where we calibrate our spiritual alignment.

Jesus told the story of the wise and foolish builders at least once during his rabbinical years on earth. In the parable, one builder’s house stood the test of the torrent, while the other builder’s house was destroyed. The difference? Their foundation. Jesus drew this parallel: The foolish builder is like the person who presumes to know the Lord but who has no intention of putting God’s words into action. You may have the specs and you may own a hammer, but are you driving the nails according to the plan?

So the idea is simple, really. Get in line. Read the Word of God, know the Word of God, follow the Word of God. This is the well-founded way to show that you know God himself.

Jeff Hopper
March 10, 2017
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