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Thank the Lord today for his living and active Word and for the way it instructs you about who he is and what he would have of you. Then ask him for the insight, courage, and strength to follow his Word closely, honoring him with your obedience.

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Golf & Life Fundamentals 3: Posture

How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word. (Psalm 119:9, ESV)

The results are in. Just over 20 percent of players polled on the PGA Tour think Rory McIlroy works out too much.

Maybe there’s a bit of jealousy in those observations. Or a bit of laziness. Or maybe some fear. I say fear because another quiet conversation that has made its way through golf circles in recent years is whether Tiger Woods derailed his career by overdoing his weightlifting regimen. If you adhere to that thinking and you like Rory, you’d hate to see him go the way of Tiger, exercising his way into back troubles and more.

We often think of praying on our knees, but we should consider this position of humility as our standard.But there must be a method to Tiger and Rory’s madness. And even if it isn’t to the same extent, nearly all players on tour—men and women alike—are placing physical demands on their bodies like never before. Why? So they can achieve and maintain the most athletic positions as they set up to the ball and move through their swing. That is, they want good, strong posture from beginning to end.

Like alignment and the grip, which we have explored in previous weeks, posture is one of those fundamentals of the golf swing that cannot be neglected. Even the world’s top players pay their teachers to check and recheck their foundational elements. They don’t want to drift off perfection in these essentials.

As we begin and continue our lifetime walk with Jesus, we will do well to understand the nature and purpose of God’s Word. First, it is the revelation of God’s heart and mind for his people—that is its nature. Second, it is designed to guide our lives with increasing effect as we understand God from it and obey him according to it—that is its purpose. Just this week, pastor and author Paul Tripp tweeted: “The goal of Bible study is not to master the content of God’s Word, but, by sanctifying grace, to be mastered by the Author of that Word.” That goal supplies motivation to dig into Scripture and keep feeding our souls from it.

Our spiritual posture is one of surrender. We often think of praying on our knees, but we should consider this position of humility as our standard. When we read the Bible humbly, we see God as preeminent and recognize the worth of adhering to his character, his counsel, and his correction. And when we act on his words with such obedient appreciation, we are kept pure and made increasingly holy.

Jeff Hopper
March 24, 2017
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