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Name: The Amarillo Provisionals

Contact: Carter Karr

Email: clkarr@sbcglobal.net

Phone: 806-372-2282

Basics: Fellowship meets Wednesday evenings at 7 pm at the home of Carter Karr.


Name: Links at Hurricane Creek Country Club

Contact: Ray Pace

Email: ray@paceiii.com

Phone: 214-649-5710

Basics: This fellowship meets Tuesdays at HCCC at 8 am.


Name: Beaumont Country Club Links Study

Contact: Doug Fierce

Email: doug.fierce@modernusa.com

Phone: 409-504-9555

Basics: This Fellowship meets at Beaumont CC at noon every Thursday.

Bent Tree

Name: Bent Tree Links Players

Contact: Craig Hausz

Email: chausz@gmail.com

Phone: 214-287-4446

Basics: This fellowship meets weekly.


Name: Eagles Bluff Fellowship

Contact: Jim Ingels

Email: jim.ingels@outlook.com

Phone: 972-948-8607

Basics: This Fellowship meets at Eagles Bluff Country Club every Wednesday at 8 am.


Name: The Mullets

Contact: Bill Rogers

Email: brogers@wt.net

Phone: 469-628-1820

Basics: This Fellowship meets Friday mornings at Brookhaven Country Club.


Name: Oakmont Men's Bible Study

Contact: Bob Wiman

Email: bobwiman@proflexpersonnel.com

Phone: 972-333-7020

Basics: This Fellowship meets weekly at Oakmont Country Club, Wednesdays mornings, 7-8 am.


Name: Dallas Athletic Club Links Fellowship

Contact: Larry Freeman

Email: ljfskf@sbcglobal.net

Phone: 214-507-9412

Basics: This fellowship meets Wednesdays at 7:30 am, from September to May.


Name: Men of Faith Bible Study

Contact: Steve White

Email: stevewhite@anbtx.com

Phone: 214-533-5296

Basics: This fellowship meets every two weeks at the Harlow Home.


Name: Lakewood Links Fellowship

Contact: Bill Almquist

Email: .Bill@almcoe.com

Phone: 214-364-1381

Basics: This Fellowship meets Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m. at Lakewood Country Club.


Name: Challengers

Contact: Jimmie Dale

Email: jdale5050@yahoo.com

Phone: 214-534-4167

Basics: This group meets Wednesday mornings at 8:30 at the Dallas Athletic Club.


Name: The Brotherhood

Contact: Jeff Watters

Email: wattersfam@gmail.com

Phone: 469-371-3884

Basics: Meets Wednesday at noon at Spring Creek Bar-B-Que in north Dallas.


Name: Links Players @ Robson Ranch

Contact: Mark Dean

Email: deanenergy@gmail.com

Phone: 972-670-9242

Basics: This Fellowship meets at Robson Ranch on Fridays at 10 a.m.


Name: Pheasant Trails Golf Club

Contact: Charlie Nelson

Email: charlie.nelson@dumas-k12.net

Phone: 806-935-7375

Basics: This fellowship meets Mondays at 7 am.


Name: The On Trail Links Fellowship

Contact: Don Gafner

Email: don@dallasgolf.com

Phone: 469-767-2954

Basics: This fellowship meets weekly on Tuesdays 12:30-1:30 pm at Baker’s Ribs on I-30 and Beltline.


Name: Sun City Recyclers

Contact: King Campbell

Email: k_campbell66@yahoo.com

Phone: 903-520-9168

Basics: This Fellowship meets every other Friday/recycle day at the Cowan Center Golf Complex.


Name: “Fairway” Bible study

Contact: Terry Dawson

Email: tlaadawson@msn.com

Phone: 817-573-7786

Basics: This fellowship meets at 9 am on Thursdays at Nutcracker Golf Club.


Name: Links Players at De Cordova

Contact: Corky Dawson

Email: corkydawson@charter.net

Phone: 817-326-4557

Basics: This fellowship meets at 10 am on Thursdays at De Cordova Bend Estates Country Club.

Heart of Houston

Name: Heart of Houston Fellowship

Contact: John Cochran

Email: john@cochranbaker.com

Phone: 713-888-3545

Basics: Fellowship meets first and third Mondays at St. Martins Church at 7 am.


Name: Foundry Links Players - The Men of Foundry

Contact: Bill Bracken

Email: bbracken50@hotmail.com

Phone: 281-773-8115

Basics: Meets every other Thursday in the homes of group members.


Name: “Houston Plus”

Contact: Jim Scotti

Email: jscotti_houston1@comcast.net

Phone: 832-243-1177 / 832-859-9129

Basics: This fellowship is scattered across the US (the reason for the "plus" in the name) and assembles annually for a golf retreat. Through the year the group stays in regular contact through the use of an electronic prayer chain.


Name: Black Hawk CC Links Fellowship

Contact: Gary Payne

Email: Gary.Payne001@gmail.com

Phone: 713-562-1796

Basics: Fellowship meets Fridays at 7:30 am at Black Hawk Country Club.


Name: Links Memorial Area Bible Study

Contact: Tim Thomas

Email: t_thomas@ajg.com

Phone: 713-320-7632



Name: Northwest Houston Links Players

Contact: Dave Peterson

Email: david_peterson@ndequality.com

Phone: 832-443-4311

Basics: This Fellowship meets monthly, playing various courses in the northwest Houston area.


Name: Pine Forest CC Links Fellowship

Contact: Lee Strenathan

Email: lstrenathan@gmail.com

Phone: 713-249-1750

Basics: Fridays, 7:30-8:30 am, 1945 Grill at Pine Forest CC


Name: The Holy Rollers

Contact: Bill Pelham

Email: bill.pelham@comcast.net

Phone: 713-256-3911

Basics: This Fellowship meets the first and third Wednesday of every month at Kojak's Cafe, 1912 W 18th Street.


Name: Katy Area Links Players

Contact: Rusty Walla

Email: rwalla@rushlp.com

Phone: 7132489030

Basics: 7AM Wednesday at The Club at Falcon Point.

Kyle (South Austin)

Name: South Austin Links Fellowship

Contact: Don Fehlis / Al Schimming


Phone: 512-466-7436 / 512-965-3258

Basics: This fellowship meets Friday mornings from 6:30 to 7:30 at Bill Miller’s BBQ in Buda, Texas.


Name: It's Good Links Fellowship

Contact: Ben Burns

Email: benburns@crown-colony.com

Phone: 214-793-7291

Basics: This Fellowship meets Wednesdays at 6:30 a.m. in the main clubhouse at Crown Colony CC.


Name: McKinney Links Fellowship

Contact: Sam Ellis

Email: sam@dallasdb.com

Phone: 972-877-6630

Basics: This fellowship meets every Wednesday morning from 7 to 8 am at Market Street McKinney.


Name: Links Players of Plano

Contact: Eric Seatvet

Email: eseatvet@yahoo.com

Phone: 214-707-6874

Basics: This fellowship meets Thursday afternoon during daylight savings time for nine holes.


Name: Gentle Creek Fellowship

Contact: Ron Pyle

Email: ron-pyle@att.net

Phone: 972-824-7483

Basics: This fellowship meets at Gentle Creek Golf Course at 11:30 on Tuesdays.


Name: Links Players of Greater Rockwall

Contact: Randy Wolff

Email: rwolff@linksplayers.com

Phone: 972-771-1496

Basics: This fellowship meets Fridays for Bible study and monthly for golf.


Name: R.G.A.C. Links Fellowship

Contact: Brady Hill

Email: bradyzhill@gmail.com

Phone: 214-417-7277

Basics: 7:00 AM every Thursday at Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club.


Name: The Struggle Brothers

Contact: Joe Chenault

Email: jchenault@galyean-insurance.com

Phone: 972-772-2390

Basics: This Fellowship meets Mondays at noon at El Chico on I-30 and Ridge Road.


Name: "Getting Better" Fellowship

Contact: Allen Park

Email: tallenpark@aol.com

Phone: 217-957-3747

Basics: This Fellowships meets Wednesdays at 11:30 am at Luby's, 2235 S. Goliad Street.


Name: Choose to Soar Links Fellowship

Contact: Tanya Magnus

Email: tanyamagnus@tx.rr.com

Phone: 214-563-5908

Basics: This Fellowship meets Monday mornings at Firewheel Golf Park. Call Tanya for info. Find out even more at choosetosoar.net.

San Antonio

Name: San Antonio Links Fellowship

Contact: Bo Carrington

Email: bo_carrington@sbcglobal.net

Phone: 210-764-0544

Basics: This Fellowship meets Fridays at 6:45 am at Las Palapas - Leon Springs.

San Antonio

Name: San Antonio Links Fellowship - North

Contact: Robert Cooper

Email: rbrthcoop@aol.com

Phone: 210-764-0544



Name: Links Fellowship of Central Texas

Contact: Bill Euler

Email: beuler@linksplayers.com

Phone: 254-913-6517

Basics: This Fellowship meets Thursdays at 8 am at the Wildflower Country Club.


Name: Wildflower Friday Fellowship

Contact: Bill Euler

Email: beuler@linksplayers.com

Phone: 254-913-6517

Basics: This Fellowship meets Fridays at Wildflower Country Club.


Name: Sammons Links Fellowship

Contact: Bill Euler

Email: beuler@linksplayers.com

Phone: 254-913-6517

Basics: This Fellowship meets at Sammons Golf Links every Wednesday at 8 a.m.

Temple Ladies

Name: Links Ladies Bible Study

Contact: Lydia Santibanez

Email: lrs.chap@gmail.com

Phone: 254-760-3334

Basics: This Fellowship meets Wednesdays at 11 am at Wildflower CC.


Name: Trinity Links Fellowship

Contact: Roy Karnes

Email: leigh7roy@aol.com

Phone: 936-594-2427

Basics: This fellowship meets Tuesdays at 7 am at the Trinity Cafe.


Name: Willow Brook CC Links Fellowship

Contact: Hub Coleman

Email: hubc@suddenlink.net

Phone: 903-530-0352

Basics: In the spirit of Hebrews 10:24-25, this Fellowship meets Friday mornings at 7 am at Panera Bread at 5755 S. Broadway Ave.


Name: F.I.T. Links Players

Contact: Jay Miller

Email: jaythegolfer@cox.net

Phone: 714-402-0770

Basics: This Fellowship meets Thursdays at 6:30 am at F.I.T., located at 5201 S Broadway Ave Suite 160, Tyler, TX 75703.


Name: Waco Links Fellowship

Contact: Ben Hagins

Email: benhagins@hot.rr.com

Phone: 254-732-4533 / 501-984-0606

Basics: This fellowship meets every two weeks at Twin Rivers Golf Course, with a Bible study and golf.


Name: Baylor Club Links Fellowship

Contact: Charlie Herrin

Email: herrincharlie9@gmail.com

Phone: 254-424-4169

Basics: This Fellowship meets at the Baylor Club every Tuesday at 7:45 a.m.


Name: Ball Busters

Contact: Lou Storm

Email: loboCPA@aol.com

Phone: 214-564-0343

Basics: Meets annually in September/October. Contact for more information.