Thank you for considering a donation to Links Players. We are often asked how we are funded, and the answer is simple: through the generous monetary gifts of our donors.

Each year, we anticipate God’s provision for Links Players. Though we operate as leanly as possible, web sites, Bible studies, videos, and other resources all require time and money to produce. In the same way, our staff are doing work among Fellowship leaders by teaching, encouraging, communicating, and facilitating. This, too, requires time that others might spend in traditional work. To help these staff members meet personal needs, they are paid salaries that allow them to be effective in the places they live, work, and interact with golfers. All of our staff members, even those who do administrative work, are involved in direct ministry through Links Players as Fellowship leaders and facilitaters or resource writers/designers.

Because we have always recognized the donations that come our way as the provision of God, and because we see your donation as an expression of trust in what we do, we make every effort to strike the right balance between fiscal conservatism and prayerful forays into new ministry activities.

Links Players is a 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization. All donations are fully deductible when no tangible goods or services are received in exchange for the donation. If you have questions about our tax ID, making stock or in-kind donations, or if you would like to make a credit card donation by phone, you may call us at 800-90-LINKS.

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  • Links Caddies

    Join our group of committed donors who receive extra insight and some nice goodies from Links Players. It's a great partnership program! Find out more here

'Why we give'

This article by Links Players COO Jeff Hopper explains the biblical encouragement toward generosity.


Like the video above, this pdf file gives you a good look at who we are and how you can partner with us. Go here