Links Caddies

We are introducing a special partnership opportunity for those who desire to support Links Players in an exceptional way. Called Links Caddies, this level of giving, at $1,200 per year, enables Links Players to plan our projects and financial commitments with greater confidence. In exchange, Caddies receive a unique quarterly communication from our national and regional representatives, as well as a gift each quarter.

In a way, Links Caddies is a club similar to others you might join to add to your golfing pleasure, but more significantly, it is a way for you to enjoy a personal stake in what God is doing for His increasing glory among men and women who happen to love golf, too.

Links Caddies make a $1,200 annual commitment to Links Players, donating in a single contribution or $100 per month by recurring credit card payment. Gifts received will approximate $200 per year, for a net tax-deductible contribution of $1,000.

Contributions may begin at any time, with gifts and communication for the current quarter being sent to the donor to start the Links Caddies relationship.

Benefits: Each quarter, each Links Caddie will receive a special LINKS CADDIES newsletter (with updates, stories and event invitations) and a CD with a teaching from Links Players president Jeffrey Cranford or COO Jeff Hopper. Additionally, a special Links Players golf gift will be sent, such as premium golf balls, a golf shirt, and golf accessories, like a ball marker, umbrella, or hat. Sometimes two items will be sent, so you can share one with a friend.

How to get started: To send a $1,200 check, place your check in an envelope, and mail it to Links Players, 755 N. Peach Ave, Suite E11, Clovis CA 93611. Please write “Caddies” on the memo line, and be sure to give us your gender and shirt size as well.

To set up a one-time or recurring $100 monthly credit card donation, call us at 800-90-LINKS (905-4657) M-F 9am-4pm Pacific time.

You may also use our online donation system with PayPal by clicking the button below. You can help us by adding your gender and shirt size in the “instructions to merchant” field.

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  • One-time $1200 gift

  • Recurring monthly $100