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At Links Players, we do all we can to provide our resources at as little cost as possible, so that the message of Jesus’ forgiveness for those who would receive it is broadly accessible. The items we offer on this page represent may be purchased securely through PayPal here, or you may call us at 559-323-4256, 8:30-4 Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, and we will take your credit card order over the phone.

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  • Go for the Green

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    366 daily devotions drawn from the Links Daily Devotional, packaged in a beautiful gift book with marker ribbon and a foreword by PGA Tour winner Ben Crane.

    400 pages. $14 includes shipping.

    also: Kindle edition

  • My Hundred Helpers: The Provision of God through People

    How many?


    Links Daily Devotional editor Jeff Hopper writes about how God provided extraordinary care as he walked through cancer treatments and surgery.


    74 pages. $10 includes shipping. $25 for three-pack. Prices include shipping.


    also: Kindle edition

  • Getting to Scratch

    Links Players Arizona region director Lewis Greer, an aficionado of the game and how it is taught, has assembled some great ideas for thinking your way through golf from start to finish. Basics for beginners, insights for advanced players.

    "I love Getting to Scratch because it puts the emphasis on being a cheerleader for yourself." -Wally Armstrong, PGA Tour Life Member

    167 pages. $17 includes shipping.

    Currently unavailable in paperback

    also available: Kindle edition - Nook edition

  • Links Players Handbook

    Links Players Handbook

    This five- or six-lesson spiral bound study guide offers a great introductory look into the Links Player’s personal mission. Super for new Links Fellowships and one-on-one discipling! Lots of room for participant notes. $5 includes shipping.

  • Love Never Fails: Delivering Jesus’ Love to Your Adult Children

    Links Players president Jeffrey Cranford and COO Jeff Hopper dig into a discussion about one of the most pressing family relationships in the lives of many they minister to through Links Fellowships.

    128 pages. $10 includes shipping.

    also: More Info - Kindle edition

  • The Red Door Community

    Red Door Community

    This book by Links Players president Jeffrey Cranford and COO Jeff Hopper explores the way God is bringing together believers of Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds as he prepares for the age to come. 208 pages. $12 includes shipping.

    also: Kindle edition


  • The Perfect Round of Golf

    How many?

    This 16-page mini-book explains that while we cannot live a perfect life any more than we can play a perfect round of golf, the perfect righteousness of Christ is available to those who believe. Pass them out to friends who love the game and need a biblical understanding of how salvation was purchased by Christ and is made available to those who believe.

    Available in packs of 10, 25, and 100. Prices are at cost (sorry, no discounting available) and include shipping.

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  • Course of Life Scorecards

    Course of Life

    pack of 25

    These scorecards explain what it means to have life in Jesus in terms golfers can understand. $6 includes shipping.

    View contents here

  • A New Legacy

    A New Legacy

    pack of 25

    These brochure-style tracts feature the testimony of World Golf Hall of Famer Bernhard Langer, whose personal dissatisfaction after his first Masters win led him to investigate a life in Jesus. $6 includes shipping.

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  • The Kingdom Club

    The Kingdom Club

    pack of 25

    These brochure-style tracts look like course guides and feature Scripture passages explaining life as part of God’s kingdom. $6 includes shipping.

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  • J, A Golfer’s Story

    J, A Golfer’s Story

    pack of 25

    These brochure-style tracts tell the fictional story of a meaningful encounter between an avid golfer and a mysterious partner (Jesus). $5 includes shipping.

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  • An Hour with a Friend DVD


    This DVD features Links Players president Jeffrey Cranford walking an inquirer through the narrative of Scripture to see God's unfolding plan of salvation. $6 includes shipping.

  • Faith in the Arenas of Life

    Faith in the Arenas of Life

    This DVD features ten 5- to 7-minute introductions to the ten lessons in the Faith in the Arenas of Life Bible study 1. $10 includes shipping.

    View Bible study - View videos online

  • Spiritual Due Diligence 1 Introductions

    Spiritual Due Diligence 1

    This DVD features eight 7- to 9-minute introductions to the eight lessons in the Spiritual Due Diligence Bible study 1. $10 includes shipping.

    Bible study

  • Spiritual Due Diligence 2 Introductions

    Spiritual Due Diligence 2

    This DVD features eight 7- to 9-minute introductions to the eight lessons in the Spiritual Due Diligence Bible study 2. $10 includes shipping.

    Bible study

  • A Quick Eighteen

    A Quick Eighteen

    This CD features 18 top devotions from our Links Daily Devotional, read aloud for your drive-time listening. $4 includes shipping.