When you consider the work of a non-profit organization, especially if you are thinking of making a donation or volunteering your time, you want to be sure that the organization’s vision and mission are clear and that its functionality is both efficient and effective.

However, because most non-profits involve working with people—and this is certainly true of ministries like Links Players—it is also important to know how the organization is being received. Are they, for instance, reflecting the spirit of Christ with demonstrations of sincerity, faithfulness, kindness, and generosity? If this isn’t happening, all the efficiency can be overrun by poor personal interaction with the very people the ministry wants to reach.

As a ministry going about the work we’ve been given by God for more than 30 years now, we have learned from other great organizations and from our own successes and failures. We trust God to provide financially for the continuation of Links Players without stretching beyond what we know He has done to sustain us in the past, both in times of leanness and times of growth.

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