At the heart of Links Players International are the nearly 200 Links Fellowships thriving at golf clubs and courses across the United States and in affiliated places around the world. When men and women meet in these Fellowships, they study the Bible together, investigating its content as it points to salvation in Jesus Christ. They also pray together for individual and corporate needs. Outside the time of discussion and prayer, groups may do service projects in their city. And of course, they often enjoy golf together.

While these Fellowships are facilitated by local leaders, they are not alone. Our regional staff members are available to assist leaders by email, phone, and in person. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of Bible study resources from which leaders can choose for the benefit of their groups.

At Links Players, we are not busy “building a ministry.” Rather we want to do all we can to equip people to minister to one another at the local level where personal contact is made and relationships for spiritual growth are born and developed over time—that is, where the “real ministry” is happening every day.

- Why We Do It

- How We Get It Done

  • Fellowships HQ

    Find out where Fellowships are meeting and how you can get connected to one in your area.

  • Bible Studies

    Investigate some of the resources used by our Fellowships. Every study is available as a free online pdf document.