Three principal motivaters drive our activities at Links Players:

First and foremost, we are convinced that the Bible reveals the mind and heart of God for all people and all time. Through his Son, Jesus Christ, we are offered eternal salvation that we cannot work for ourselves. Because we recognize this as vital truth, we desire along with God that “none should perish” and we make an effort to tell others about what we consider utterly important.

Second, we are well-positioned to reach those in and around golf venues (including spouses and friends who do not play golf themselves). Our insider status equips us to speak to the interests and inquiries of those who share our affinity for the game and understand its surroundings.

Third, many golfers are well-positioned, too. Golfers tend to be business and community leaders, and if their hearts are captivated by Jesus in a way that they begin demonstrating his love for others, their influence will have an eternal effect as they also share the truth of Scripture.

- What We Do

- How We Get It Done