“At Focus on the Family we often hear from hurting parents whose adult children have wandered from the Christian faith of their youth. I’m thankful that Jeffrey Cranford and Jeff Hopper have written a book that speaks directly into such painful situations with words of comfort and hope, and the promise of God that ‘love never fails.’ ”
– Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

THE BOOK Many of our most important resources are not golf-laden, but rather arise from the needs of golfers we interact with nearly everyday. And we have heard repeatedly the laments of parents whose own walk with Jesus began after their children were grown an on their own. How, these parents desperately want to know, can they pass on the good news of Jesus to their children? Likewise, there are those parents who introduced their children to Jesus, but these grown children have chosen a different path. These parents, too, want to know what they can do to shine for Jesus before their children. Though short, Love Never Fails isn’t an easy book—it will challenge you to take a good look at your own life before delivering your faith to your children. But it is a book that may encourage more than ever to live out your faith in order to share Jesus.

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THE VIDEOS Jeff and Jeff have spent time in the Links Players studio discussing some of the central ideas from Love Never Fails. You can check out those videos here!

“Family Court: Two words that sadly don’t go together but are now a reality in our culture. Love Never Fails is a wonderful answer for many parents to understand their need to first connect with Jesus himself and then their adult children next. In the end it is Jesus himself who is the answer. Thanks to Jeff and Jeff for their insight into a common issue.”
– Hon. Tim Philpot, Family Court Judge, Lexington, Kentucky