Letterhead May 2017

Monthly Thank You Letters

Each month at Links Players, we inform our donors by sending a progress letter with receipt of their donation, no matter the size. To read the most recent letters, you may click the dates below to view each as a pdf.
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Dear Links Player,
Welcome to fall! I’m one who loves summer myself, so I usually hate to see it go. Yet the change of seasons brings opportunity for new clothes, new foods, and some cooler weather to get out and play.
Both our Southwest Texas and Southern California regions hosted big fundraising tournaments in September, and a lot of golfers came out to play for those. In Arizona, where the fall and winter mean a better golf experience, Lewis Greer and his team are playing plans for some events.
Sadly, some of you may be thinking the time is coming to shut down the game for the months ahead. As the days grow shorter and colder, there are more comfortable places to spend your leisure time.
I think King Solomon knew what he was talking about in Ecclesiastes 3 (that’s a no-brainer since his wisdom was renowned!). It was there that he helped us make sense of the seasons of life. “There is a time for every activity under heaven,” he said. It’s OK to walk away from golf for a time.
Still, you may want to keep your mind in the game even when you can’t play. The Links Daily Devotional is one way to do this. Many of you who give in October do so in connection with the Devotional’s anniversary. We thank you for this. Daily, readers send our writers appreciative feedback for helping them understand the life of faith in Christ. It’s the Word of God that comes alive for them, of course, but we know that the Holy Spirit provides teachers to help us understand, and this is what happens through the Devotional.
Paul from Canada recently sent a simple email reply that said this: “Outstanding material this morning. It brought a laugh while reminding me what’s integral to the Christian life.”
The wonder is that we get notes like this all the time, even though each day’s topic is different. Just like you may need help with your short game, while I need a lesson with my driver, different readers are at different places in the game of life. So when they read, one may be especially struck one day, while another finds a message just for her the next. This only happens because of the faithfulness of our writers.
We are truly grateful for every financial gift that comes to Links Players, whether you are supporting a region director, standing with us in the work of building materials for golfers, or joining us in a local golf event. I don’t know whether “money makes the world go ’round,” but it sure helps us do the work God has given us to do in changing the conversation among golfers. So we thank you.
Jeff Hopper, COO