‘wow, that’s impressive!’


Moments after first viewing scans of Jeff Hopper’s tumor, these three words poured from the mouth of the master surgeon tasked with the job of resecting the cancerous growth from between Jeff’s esophagus and trachea. But those delicate surgeries would have to wait for months of careful preparation through chemotherapy and radiation. In the midst of it all, Jeff came to understand that the provision of God he had so commonly prayed for in his life was rendered not through invisible means but was carried in the voices and delivered by the hands of the many people God commissioned to help him.


Jeff Hopper, the COO of Links Players, serves as editor of the Links Players magazine and Links Daily Devotional. His own written contributions to these popular publications for golfers keep him on the lookout for what God is doing in the world around him, whether that is on the golf course, in the hospital, or anywhere else.


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