What are Links Players?

While we sometimes assign the title “Links Player” to one person or another as though there is something official about it, in reality it is a simple idea that can belong to anyone who is interested in two things: God and golf. And yes, as you read the mission of a Links Player, you’ll see that those interests land in that order—at least most of the time!

About 30 years ago, when Links Players was just getting started, founder Jim Hiskey developed an acrostic based on the letters in LINKS. You see the acrostic to the right as the mission of each Links Player. Our original logo, which we still employ in some contexts, shows the L and the S as larger letters, representing the Great Commandment to love God and others and the Great Commission to make disciples.

The Links Player’s Mission is meant to be both the personal mission of all individuals who call themselves Links Players as well as the mission of Links Fellowships everywhere. Its five principles allow people of various church (and non-church) backgrounds to come together around the most important common ground that Scripture gives us for honoring Jesus and living in His kingdom.

Are you a Links Player?

Links Players are those who seek God, enjoy golf (or hang out with golfers), and try to live out the five tenets of the Links Player’s personal mission. In this way, a person who has never heard of Links Players may be a Links Player!

Sometimes it is great to know there are others walking the same course in life that you are. Many Links Players are connected to others through one of our Links Fellowships, where they are active in study, conversation, prayer, and mutual support.

Links Players offers several free resources, and many Links Players are connected to us through these resources. These include the Links Daily Devotional, the Links Players Magazine, and Links Players Bible studies. All of these resources are intended to support Links Players as they do their spiritual due diigence and grow in faith in Jesus Christ.